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Key Features

In an increasingly digital world, both Businesses and Workers have found it progressively hard to merge with one another. To ease this sundered process, Hela Job has revolutionised the job market to allow easier recruitment and a faster job-seeking service.


Quick Book

Have instant access to Workers whilst simultaneously being able to communicate with them via a built-in messaging feature and many more.


Real Time Tracking

Because Hela Job is an automated job finder, Businesses can check and live track when a Worker is on their way to them.


Safe and Encrypted

With its most modern data encryption, Hela Job ensures platform security by safeguarding communication between all parties involved.

Easy to use, fast to handle

Hela Job understands the complications of modern technology. Due to this, it supplies you with the fastest and easiest form of use anytime, anywhere. In a space of a ‘click’ you will be able to find the most skilled Workers for your employment needs or the Workers will find you.


Dedicated app for Workers

As a Hela Job Worker, you will receive completed hours earnings paid on the same day you complete a job. This, alongside with work flexibility and accessibility, will be perfectly suited with your availability and experience which not only allows further skill development and locomotion in the job market, but on-demand shifts as well.

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